Jan 4, 2017


You may have noticed a few subtle hints in some of my recent posts about an exciting new business venture myself and Craig have embarked on. So I guess this is 'the big reveal'...

A little bit of background....

Ever since I watched 'The true cost' documentary, probably a year ago, I have felt sick at the amount of pollution, wastage, unnecessary poisoning of the planet and the awful working conditions of the people working in sweatshops and factories, all for the sake of big companies making a big profit and the greed of the Western culture, wanting the cheapest possible prices. This disposable attitude is costing our planet everything.

I honestly lose sleep over it. The thought of throwing something away to end up in a hole in the ground or on a pile of landfill, emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing heavily to climate change and the demise of life on earth makes me want to cry. It makes me want to do something to stop it and it makes me want to tell everyone. It sounds dramatic, but it is. We just choose to turn a blind eye to it.

Now, I don't for one minute think I am going to change the world and the whole fashion industry by starting this new business but I am so passionate about the environment that I couldn't do this without making it eco-friendly.

My boyfriend Craig is also extremely passionate about it. For years he's heard me banging on about the benefits of organic food, how we can live a more sustainable life. He's really on board with it and has spent the last year painstakingly growing large crops of vegetables, raising and looking after the 10 chickens I bought home and left him to deal with! We have our own eggs, our own veggies and this new business venture was actually completely his idea and he bought all the equipment and stock we needed. I am 'the creative' behind it all. The designs are all mine, the photography, the website, the artwork and the marketing too.


Aside from wanting to do something for eco reasons I was really enthusiastic when Craig first told me about his idea. I had already made up my mind that even though I had finished most of my cancer treatment I was still far too weak and fragile, both mentally and unfortunately physically too, to jump straight back into working. I am lucky that I have my artwork as a way of making money but it's not always the most reliable stream of income, as a full time job. Some weeks are amazing and I can't even believe I've made that many sales and had so much support, then you could go a whole month without a sale and everything from that big week you had has run out and you're starting to freak out just a little. My blog is a small side earner for me but realistically, unless everybody who visits clicks on an ad on the page, the money you make is pretty small. Not that I'm complaining, I'd always have my blog no matter what, it keeps me sane haha.

So partnering with Craig on this joint venture was the perfect solution for me. It's the type of work I thrive on, graphic design, drawing and photography. So let me get to the point and tell you what it is we're actually doing!

What is it....

So if you haven't already guessed, we have started an organic clothing company! I'm so excited I finally get to tell everyone! We have spent weeks and weeks designing garments and designing logos, we have bought all the equipment we need, to do everything ourselves and it has been so much fun. The company is called Blueface Industries and there's a little story behind that too.... I painted a canvas about a year and a half ago of a very abstract blue woman, and as soon as Craig saw it he was obsessed with it. Then a few months ago he had a dream that he started a clothing company and the logo for it was the woman with the blue face from my painting.

So we got the painting made up into a logo that we could use for the mens and womens wear. And after trying to think of a name for sooooo long we just ended up calling it 'blueface' because that was what I had named the folder of all our designs on the computer!

The company itself is made up of womens, mens and kids wear. We spent a long time sourcing 100% organic T-shirts. They are mainly organic cotton but some of the T-shirts are a bamboo mix for extra softness. We wanted the clothing to be classic pieces. Things that you can keep in your wardrobe that won't go out of fashion.

For me personally I always wear quite classic clothes. I wear jeans and a singlet, shorts and T-shirt, a skirt with a boob tube and then I accessorize it with different belts, jewellery, different hair and hats. So you can wear the same outfit over and over but look completely different each time.

I wanted to have that same mentality with this company. Organic, quality garments that the customer can wear for years to come. They are flattering fits with scoop necks, rolled up sleeves, long length tees, racer backs...
All things that are completely on trend. These garments can be thrown on, on a hot summers day, or worn on a night out, they are comfy and soft to be worn around the house without needing to get changed when you pop out. I wanted them to look good. To be on par with competitors and proving that just because something is eco-friendly and organic, doesn't mean you have to look like a massive hippy. I have always strived to live the most eco-friendly and sustainable life I can as well as always wanting to look good and feel good within myself.

The whole process was like a dream for me and creating garments that I wanted to wear was so much fun. The funnest part for me was definitely the kids wear though.

When I designed the kids T-shirts I knew instantly how I wanted them to look.

I wanted there to be a connection with nature and animals. I wanted them to feel very bohemian. Soft and organic and classic and oh my they are sooo soft and such great quality.
I wanted most of the designs to be unisex, so they can be handed down to brothers and sisters, another way of keeping wastage to a minimum.

I pictured kids wearing these, on dog walks in the forest with their parents, running around in the garden, sitting on the beach having a picnic, jumping over waves. Kids being kids, playing outdoors, being a part of nature and caring about nature.

I also knew that when we started this I wanted there to be a strong connection to doing something to actually changing things and doing something positive for our planet. So today we made our first charity donation to The Rainforest Alliance which is a charity that works towards stopping deforestation at the source and this is something we will continue to do as our profits and sales grow.

The Rainforest Alliance’s ambitious mission is to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices, and consumer behavior.
All of us depend on the Earth’s land surface to provide us with nourishment, drinking water, and the wood we need for shelter and warmth; billions of us depend on the land directly for our livelihoods.
Agriculture, forestry, and tourism are three industries that have huge impacts on forests and land worldwide. So the Rainforest Alliance works with farmers, foresters, and tourism entrepreneurs, providing them with training and guidelines so they can minimize their environmental impacts, while earning stable incomes. Their sustainable practices may earn them certification through the Sustainable Agriculture Network standard, the Forest Stewardship Council standard—both of which were co-founded by the Rainforest Alliance—or the Rainforest Alliance’s UN-accredited tourism standard.

The website is now live so you can check out the full range at www.bluefaceindustries.com

Thank you for your support! I really hope you like what you see :)

Hayley X

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